The Shades of Green Radio Show 

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Sunday -  17th Sept 17

 Song Title
  The Three Amigos 

  Still Not Dead.               (New Single)

  The Kings of Connaught 
  Right All Right.          (New Single)
  Kathy Kane 
  Why OH Why.          (New Single)
  Bernie Heaney 
  Railroad Bum.            (New Single)
  Johnny Carroll 
  Somewhere My Love, Take These Chains from My Heart.. 
  Peter Burke 
  Whistling Rufus. 
  Paddy O'Brien

  Red River Valley.

  Sean Brennan 
  Far Away In Australia.       (New Album"I Would Like To See You Again")
  Daniel O'Donnell 

  Honey.      (New Album"Back Home Again")

  Dave Sheriff 

  Take Me Back To Galway.

  Declan Nerney 

  The Night You Waltzed Into My Heart.

  Derek Ryan 

  God's Plan.         (New Album"This Is Me" (The Nashville Songbook)

  The Emerald Ceili Band 
  Selection of Jigs. 
  Kevin Collins 

  My Old Homestead.

  Johnny Loughrey 
  Jim Reeves Medley. 
  Kay & Nashville Sound 
  Summertime In Ireland. 
  John Hogan 
  Longing For The Old Days. 
  Larissa Tormey 

  Brand New Beginnings.            (New Album"God Loves A Trier")

  The Furey's 

  Leaving of Liverpool.

  Fintan Stanley 

  Stack of Wheat, High Level, Harvest Home. 

  Noel Glynn 
   Cluain Na Cailin. 
  Carmel McLoughlin
  Beyond The Rainbows End. 
  Cliff Parsons 
  I Remember You That Way. 
  Thomas Milligan 

  Kingdom I Call Home.

  Gina Kelly 
  Stay.                 (New Single)
  Cliona Hagan

  Little Darlin'              (New Single)

  Shawn Cuddy

  Then I Kissed Her.           (New Single)


Monday - 18th Sept  17.

 Song Title
  CC Cooper 
  Burning Bridges.           (New Album"Maps & Charms")
  Eamonn Jackson 

  Gypsy Woman.          (New Album"TEXAS")

  Patrick Feeney. 

  Irish Home.               (New Album"Step It Out")

  The Kings of Connaught 
  Right All Right.          (New Single)
  David Craig 

  My Wife's Mother.           (New Album"The Hits Collection")

  Louise Morrissey 

  What's Another Year.             (New Single)

  Marty Daniels 
  Play Me The Waltz of The Angels.    
  Anthony Condon 
  (Button Accordion) Polka.       (New Album"A Heritage To Tresure")
  Noel Flynn 

  Don't Close Your Eyes.           (New Album"Irish Through & Through")

  Seamus Delaney 

  Made of Gold.                (New Album"Back On Track")

  Noel Briody
  A Best Friend In Heaven.      (New Album"So Much Music & So Little Time")
  Pat Brennan
  No King Has More.               (New Album"Seven Songs & Memories")
  Trevor Dixon 
  My Home In County Down.       (New Album"A Country Musical Bonanza")
  Kieran Lundy 
  Cryin in The Chapel.                (New Single)
  Nathan Carter

  Private Malone.            (New Album"Livin The Dream")