The Shades of Green Radio Show 

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Sunday -  11th Feb 18

 Song Title

Monday -  12th Feb 18 

 Song Title
  Kathy Kane 
  He's A Heartache. 
  Billy McFarland 
  Take These Chains from My Heart.
  Hugo Duncan 
  Dream A Little Dream of Home. 
  Martin Byrne 
  Waltz Around The Kitchen. 
  Kathy Coll 
  Emigrant Dream.          (New Single)
  Mick Flavin 
  A Place in the Country.            (New Album"Country & Gospel")
  The Furey's 
  Shenandoah.           (New Album"40 Years On")
  Dermot O'Brien 
  The Cuckoo Waltz. 
  Mary Duff 
  A Picture of You Without Me.            (New Box Set "The Complete Collection")
  Brendan Shine
  A Bunch of Violets Blue. 
  Gentleman John (John Dunning)
  On The One Road, Irelands Call Medley. 
  Kieran Lundy 
  The Whistling Gypsy. 
  The Dublin Legends 
  When The Boys Come Rollin' Home. 
  Matthew O'Donnell
  Geraldine's Thinking of Galway.          (New Album"Crazy for Country")
  Frank McCaffrey 
  Look At Us.